Saturday, February 16, 2013

Teresa Wentzler & Eileen Bennett

 Teresa Wentzler:  Above the Clouds

 TW made a recent announcement about her old pattern publisher allowing her to make her older patterns available digitally via Patterns OnLine.  In some cases, she is converting her older hand drawn charts into computer generated symbols and updating previously confusing backstitch line charts.  Major happy dancing about that announcement.  It made me go through my TW wips.  It made me want to stitch them!

ABC is what I picked up.  When I put this down - however long ago I do not remember - there was barely one wing mostly done.   I am learning to focus because I stayed with this project for most of January.  

TW Above the Clouds
I have about 1/4 of the pattern left to go: it's all the rocks and the part of the tail.  It was finally the rocks which drove me to another project.  

I can't believe I got that much done on this!  

Of course it might stay this way for years, now.

I finally got rocked out and looked for something different in my WIP stash.

Eileen Bennett  Trinity Sampler

Another long napping wip was the Trinity.  It was started with an SAL back in 2006.  I know that because I stitched in the date at the top.  I must have had I had high hopes of finishing it.  It is not that big.  But it is with 2 strands of cotton in most places.  The shredding of the floss is getting to me.  It was not as noticeable with the TW piece because I work with shorter lengths due to the blending and confetti and do not frog - who is going to notice 1 misplaced little confetti stitch?

A band sampler is something else.    The lengths are not that much longer with this piece but I have had to do more frogging.  The problem is not the pattern, but the color notations for the pattern. I hate DMC floss.

The pattern symbols differ from the color numbers in the text notes which are also different from the picture of the sampler which is why there was frogging.  It makes me wish I had stuck with the SAL.   
 I have gotten a few more bands finished.  There are not too many to go.  I hope to finish this this month.

I have not decided what to do with the original 2006 date.  Leave it and add 2013?  I am leaning that way.

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