Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bennett & Hillside Samplings

Eileen Bennett: Trinity Sampler

Eileen Bennett's Trinity
Finished! Finally, after all these years.  I  left in the old expected to have finished date of 2002.   

In a hundred years when someone might be wondering what the scraps of thread might mean on this old cloth, 11 years will mean little.

This is a small finish, but it is a finish.  My finish for February.

 Hillside Samplings: Peace on Earth 2000

 An ornament released in 2000, started in 2000, finished in 2013 because I couldn't deal with over 1 on 40 in a full cross.

But this, much tinier finish than Trinity, is also finally finished.  Tiny as it is, it still counts as my March finish.  Hopefully, not my only March finish at least it will keep me 3 for 3 on my 12 finishes for 12 month goal.

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  1. Congrats on the great finishes - the sampler is just lovely, well done on finishing it after all these years :-)