Monday, March 30, 2015

Drawn Thread: North Country Sampler

An early March finish was this old wip of mine: The Drawn Thread's North Country Sampler.
The Drawn Thread North Country Sampler

Stitched on 35 ct linen using most of the listed silks with the addition of  2 Waterlilies silks. 

1 in the  bottom band with the fish.  I did not want a solid colored water background. 

1 in the lettering.

The  rest of the colors may not be in the same position as charted, sometimes due to chart error or my own misreading of the chart symbols.  This has been in process since 2006 - a date which I dared to  stitch in because I firmly believed this was a small enough project that I could surely maintain enough momentum to finish....Suuuuuuuuurrrrrrrre.

What year is it now? 2015?  Hm.  I am not changing the date because in the course of the future 300 years, 9 years isn't so much, right?   Right.  I knew you would understand.

I know you also understand that I had to fight off the urge to change the date or find some other way to incorporate the actual finishing year.   I am getting better in mastering my OCD tendencies.  That only took decades. 

I will have the same problem with the date when I again work on The Drawn Thread's  Gameboard with all the little houses on it.  I stitched in the date I expected to finish on that one, too.  That date had a couple of 2s in it, no 1s.  Ah, optimism. 

Why is it that we always think we will finish faster than we actually do?  

Only the virtual stitching I do in my head as I look at a pattern, envisioning  the threads, cloth, pattern layout and stitches I might use,  works up faster than my fingers.  Every time!

Meanwhile I have taken out an old Just Nan wip which I hope I can feature as a finish for you next time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

LaDDa: Watchful Eye

On the way home from an appointment, I visited Yankee Cross Stitch up in North Hampton, NH.  I wanted to walk among the models, see finished projects.  Get inspired.

In a back corner cubby was a LaDDa design.  An old one.   One I had in my stash...the model looked nothing like the chart cover.  The chart cover was dark & murky.  It made me wonder why I bought it...not much wondering: I must have loved the bones of the design.

Yankee's rendition was brighter, clearer, happier.  That was the version I went home to create (with a few changes both intentional and unintentional - the unintentional being the miscounts that I can kept to avoid redoing).

I can never get the cloth color right in my photos: the cloth is yellower than pictured.  I used a mystery stash cloth of 36 count.  I used the chart listed GAST except that I ramped up the red.  I also used beads for the isolated stitches in the border and the few around the heart.

The chart original was done on BOAF Meadowlark which is a great fabric  which I have in my stash but it was not the look I was seeking in this piece.

There you have it.  My first start of the year and finished within a month.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bent Creek Reindeer Sampler

This came kitted in a small vinyl pouch.  I remember picking it up at a Cross Stitch Festival in the late 1990s.  I miss those festivals.

Anyway, I probably started it soon after.  It was during one of my Over 1 phases.  It did not hold my attention or patience long enough to finish it at that time...but finally TA DA!

Bent Creek: Reindeer Sampler

The cloth color is a greeny-brownish Khaki colored 28 ct. not the grayish neutral pictured here.  It came with a little cardinal button which I didn't use here due to scale but I no doubt I will use it on something else.

I should have put something beside this for scale because it is tiny: something like 1 3/4 inches by 2 3/4.

It is done!  Time to move on to something else.

2015 Goals: not unlike 2013...2014 was a lost year

2013...15 Goals

More Wip killing!
1.  12/12: 12 wip finishes in 12 months (or more)

Doing good thus far.  I believe I have 2.  One was a decade old Bent Creek: Reindeer Sampler (over 1) finished in January? or Dec 2014 (close enough).
The other was a new start in January: LaDDa's Watchful Eye.  Finished in February.  
2.  Keep new starts to a minimum: finish any new starts within the same year (except for any SALs)

The LaDDa: started in Jan, finished in Feb.
I started the Heartstrings: Sparrow sampler in I cheated.  The SAL for this one just started but I never finish with the pack and of course, this one is very big.
3.  Get reacquaintedwith my wips: stitch on at least 1 wip by every designer I have already started.   Back in 2013 I learned that this doesn't work because  I have way too many wips.  Now I hope to find a way to keep a current handful worked on a regular basis towards completions.   

The really good news is that by now the drive to work the wips is so much stronger than wanting to start anything...though I have started more these past 6 months than I did in the year prior (3 pieces).  The good news is that I have about a half dozen finishes in the last 6 months.  I know, bad me, I have not blogged about them (yet).

Specific Goals:
1.  Tony Minieri Stars for a New Millenium: stay on trackHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  um, sure, the track is gone.  Maybe I can at least pick this up and finish 1 more square this year.  That would put me on a new track to finish this sometime in 2021.

2.  Pieces of 8: only 5 3 octagons left: finish this.
3.  Blackbird Designs: Xmas Garden: finish this.  Not finished but not a priority. 
4.  SB:Sheep, my NY tradition: start & finish a small sheep piece. I worked NY so I didn't have time for the tradition but I did take out the old BC Reindeer and finished that that week.  1 old wip finished NY week could easily become a new tradition.
5.  Permission to start 1 really good sized piece during 2015 (then try to not start anymore big pieces).  Sparrow started last Dec fits this bill.  Unfortunately there is a huge blackwork piece screaming for a start.

1.  Put my stash room back together - the annual organization & clean up.
2.  Round up my NP canvases.  Catalog them.
3.  Organize my frame stash.  At this point I will be happy if I could put together all the wips whose threads have scattered to places unknown.  There is nothing like wanting to settle in with a piece only to discover some necessary component missing.  AAAAARGH.