Wednesday, February 11, 2015

LaDDa: Watchful Eye

On the way home from an appointment, I visited Yankee Cross Stitch up in North Hampton, NH.  I wanted to walk among the models, see finished projects.  Get inspired.

In a back corner cubby was a LaDDa design.  An old one.   One I had in my stash...the model looked nothing like the chart cover.  The chart cover was dark & murky.  It made me wonder why I bought it...not much wondering: I must have loved the bones of the design.

Yankee's rendition was brighter, clearer, happier.  That was the version I went home to create (with a few changes both intentional and unintentional - the unintentional being the miscounts that I can kept to avoid redoing).

I can never get the cloth color right in my photos: the cloth is yellower than pictured.  I used a mystery stash cloth of 36 count.  I used the chart listed GAST except that I ramped up the red.  I also used beads for the isolated stitches in the border and the few around the heart.

The chart original was done on BOAF Meadowlark which is a great fabric  which I have in my stash but it was not the look I was seeking in this piece.

There you have it.  My first start of the year and finished within a month.

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