Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2015 Goals: not unlike 2013...2014 was a lost year

2013...15 Goals

More Wip killing!
1.  12/12: 12 wip finishes in 12 months (or more)

Doing good thus far.  I believe I have 2.  One was a decade old Bent Creek: Reindeer Sampler (over 1) finished in January? or Dec 2014 (close enough).
The other was a new start in January: LaDDa's Watchful Eye.  Finished in February.  
2.  Keep new starts to a minimum: finish any new starts within the same year (except for any SALs)

The LaDDa: started in Jan, finished in Feb.
I started the Heartstrings: Sparrow sampler in Dec...so I cheated.  The SAL for this one just started but I never finish with the pack and of course, this one is very big.
3.  Get reacquaintedwith my wips: stitch on at least 1 wip by every designer I have already started.   Back in 2013 I learned that this doesn't work because  I have way too many wips.  Now I hope to find a way to keep a current handful worked on a regular basis towards completions.   

The really good news is that by now the drive to work the wips is so much stronger than wanting to start anything...though I have started more these past 6 months than I did in the year prior (3 pieces).  The good news is that I have about a half dozen finishes in the last 6 months.  I know, bad me, I have not blogged about them (yet).

Specific Goals:
1.  Tony Minieri Stars for a New Millenium: stay on trackHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  um, sure, the track is gone.  Maybe I can at least pick this up and finish 1 more square this year.  That would put me on a new track to finish this sometime in 2021.

2.  Pieces of 8: only 5 3 octagons left: finish this.
3.  Blackbird Designs: Xmas Garden: finish this.  Not finished but not a priority. 
4.  SB:Sheep, my NY tradition: start & finish a small sheep piece. I worked NY so I didn't have time for the tradition but I did take out the old BC Reindeer and finished that that week.  1 old wip finished NY week could easily become a new tradition.
5.  Permission to start 1 really good sized piece during 2015 (then try to not start anymore big pieces).  Sparrow started last Dec fits this bill.  Unfortunately there is a huge blackwork piece screaming for a start.

1.  Put my stash room back together - the annual organization & clean up.
2.  Round up my NP canvases.  Catalog them.
3.  Organize my frame stash.  At this point I will be happy if I could put together all the wips whose threads have scattered to places unknown.  There is nothing like wanting to settle in with a piece only to discover some necessary component missing.  AAAAARGH.

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