Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mary Beale Emblem from Card # 9

After months of working mostly on the muted colors of Blackbird Designs I needed to work on some more vivid motifs. 
I returned to an old wip.  I love the quirkiness of Mary Beale designs.  

I have a huge collection of her pocketbook patterns since most of them are motif-life   I am making a sampler out of as many motifs as I can fit on a random piece of cloth pulled from my stash.

35 ct, "sampler" cloth from an Essamplaire kit whose cloth I switched out for something else.  The camera sees it as whitish.  In real life it is DMC 3046 very light olive green yellow - more like Scarlet Letter's golden grain cloth than anything else I've seen to compare it to.

The rest of the sampler, such as it is so far, using DMC, some holographic sulky and some textured stitches that I've been adding in here and there.  

Please forgive the work in progress thread ends trailing out  and the lumpy display as I was too lazy to take it off the rods for the pic.  I was still working on the big central motif when I decided to grab the opportunity for the pic.

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