Saturday, December 31, 2011

OH Ho Ho Ho...Oh NO! I can't believe I did it.

With my bad track record of SALs & Challenges, I have entered into a challenge for 2012 which I saw on Becky of SC's Blog

I think I was just looking for an excuse to start something I got in the mail just before Christmas.  I just happened to pull some threads for it this evening but I had absolutely no plans to start it anytime soon.  I did not need another big or even medium sized WIP as I have so very many older unfinished pieces.

Here is my challenge piece to be started sometime next month. 

225W by 272 H,
though that height might change by a few stitches because I will changing that bottom line out for something like family initials, town & year so that this can hang all year.

The threads chosen were Hand-dyed Fibers, silks from my stash in close enough for me approximation to the picture:
CC Calico Kitty = HDF Exemplar Crushed Berry
CC Fool's Gold = HDF Behived
GA Endive = HDF BeLeaved
GA Heirloom Gold = HDF  unlabeled mystery variegated brown
And maybe some beads thrown in just because I love to work beads on stitched pieces.

Cloth is yet to come but will probably be 35 count which will make this piece 12.85 by 15.54.

And so we will see if I just set myself up for my usual failure to make it through to the end...but I was looking for an excuse to start this from the moment I got it.

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