Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shepherd's Bush: Feed My Sheep

My tradition of a small Shepherd's Bush sheep start on New Years continues.  This one was so tiny I finished it in a few hours.  It will take me a few more years before I run out of SB sheep to stitch.

The cloth was changed out to a 40 ct scrap of Lambswool.  The dull beige floss originally used on the sheep matched the cloth so I changed its fleece to B5200.  I left the heart button off.
Tomorrow I pick up the 2 1/2 by 3 inch frame to pop it into.  Or maybe I will use the little white one I have on the shelf that I didn't use last year.

There is still a lot of day left, I think I will start something else.

Next up one of the small musical Ink Circles.

Here Comes Treble?
First Bass?
Alto Gether Now?

All 3 are kitted up but I want to start on only 1 and preferably finish it before starting on the challenge piece I mentioned in last night's post.

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  1. Very cute Maria. Glad you've started a blog so I can see your beautiful stitching. I miss seeing you at Randi's.

    Cindy in MA