Saturday, January 14, 2012

WIPocalypse Samplar Workes Nonesuch Sampler

Switching gears to something different: 
I don't know whether it was the color changes on the other pieces or whether it was the same colors but I need a change.  I need to work on something different. 

This is a piece I started too many years ago to remember.  

Using 50 ct Ivory cloth w Eterna silks and some assorted others being tested for the tight gauge.  

The sheen of the Eterna is incredible but I will have to be careful.  I don't know what I have in my deep stash for duplicate skeins, if any or if it is still available.  

Right now, I just have to make it through the whitework bands.  Because I wasn't sure of how much I had I switched to a tatting thread for Band 6, the just started bigger diamond band.

The 50 count and the Eterna wore on me in past.  Let's see how far I get this time before putting this one back to sleep.  Hopefully, a short sleep.  Maybe the WIPocalypse challenge will help me to keep it out and get some bands finished.

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  1. I will it will, as this sampler is really gorgeous. The white work is stunning.