Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eileen Bennett: Miniature Historical Samplers

Among the many things I have been doing this summer has included finishing the following:

Eileen Bennett
Eileen Bennett's Mini Historical Samplers which was a chart which included 4 or 5 small samplers giving a taste of assorted sampler periods.   

There was a time in my project starting life inwhich I hated small pieces.  I would combine smaller pieces into larger ones.   I have since trended towards small pieces - for they are much easier to frame with ready made frames, alas I have so very many starts from older times to finish up.

This old experiment was also a silk test.  It included Hand Dyed Fibers before HDF founded their website shopping.  The silks were as experimental in nature as was my compilation and motif mixing of EB's wonderful patterns.

This project was at least 10 years in the stitching, if not older but it is finished!  One more down, too many more to go.

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